Dinosaurs And The Past ( Triassic Period )

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Dinosaurs were huge animals that existed in the past (Triassic period). Species came in different sizes and forms. Some had huge bodies while other tiny bodies and shape. From historical evidence prevalent today, dinosaurs were found in all continents but differed in sizes and physical attributes. The landmass prevalent in different regions denoted the type of species that existed within its boundaries. Some Dinosaurs were herbivores; therefore their teeth and digestive systems were developed to handle the plants they consumed. The planet at the time was covered with green plantations that the animals fed on. Their sprawling posture that Dinosaurs possessed depicted their ability to eat leaves on high branches and twigs. Other Dinosaurs survived on meat from other animals. A famous example includes Tyrannosaurus Rex (Kays and Wilson). The animal jaws and muscles were very strong with pointed teeth. This enhanced its hunting skills as well as helped with feeding. During this period there were a lot of herbivores roaming the earth (Johnson). Africa, Asia and Europe were the major continents. Through splitting, other continents were formed. Water bodies, such as the Mediterranean Sea that is found between Europe and Africa, separated these regions. Thus, dinosaurs were distributed sparingly within these continents. There were many different species of dinosaurs, such as Megalosaurus, Herrerasaurus, and Tyrannosaurus rex. Evidence of existence and
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