Dinosaurs : Dinosaurs And Dinosaurs

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There were over 1,000 different species of dinosaurs (“Dinosaurs”) that lived and evolved for almost 185 million years (“Dinosaur Facts”). Dinosaurs were some of the largest and most mysterious creatures to walk the Earth. Dinosaurs have helped scientists to understand the Earth and it 's past by studying different types, how they lived, their characteristics and what caused their mass extinction. When, where and how did dinosaurs live? Dinosaurs arose around 200 million years ago and lived and evolved for about 185 million years. There were 5 eras in which dinosaurs were alive; the Archezoic Era, Proterozoic Era, Palezoic Era, Mesozoic Era and the Cenozoic Era (“Dinosaurs”). Dinosaurs roamed the entire Earth when all continents were…show more content…
After discovering dinosaurs, Paleontologists then had to classify and name the fossils and dinosaurs they belonged to. The word dinosaur was invented in 1842 by Richard Owen. Dinosaur comes from the Greek word “deinos” and “sauros” which translates to fearfully great lizard (“Learn about Dinosaurs”). Dinosaurs are always named in Greek and usually named after their unique fossils, where they 're found, it’s size or a person. Before a dinosaur can be officially named it must be approved by the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature. It’s difficult to figure out how dinosaurs sounded, mated, behaved, what color/pattern they were and which ones are male or female. Paleontologists have however been able to discover that dinosaurs hatch from eggs, their bones have growth rings which can help figure out their age and that the larger dinosaurs lived for roughly 100 years and smaller ones for less. All dinosaurs evolved from other reptiles during the Triassic period. Dinosaurs are either herbivores or carnivores and are divided into two major groups. Bird hipped, Ornithischian, or lizard hipped, Saurischa. In the Saurischa hipped dinosaurs the pubis bone is down and to the front but in Ornithischian hipped it is point down and towards the tail (“Zoom Dinosaur”). The next step was to examine how dinosaurs behaved and their characteristics. Dinosaurs were some of the largest, heaviest and fastest animals to walk the Earth. The longest dinosaur was either the
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