Dinuba Stereotypes

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Stereotypes exist everywhere and there are so many stereotypes are basically unavoidable, even in the small town of Dinuba in California. We all know the big stereotypes going around like “White cops are trigger happy with specific races” or “Donald trump doesn't like Mexicans. It's sad that even our own president stereotypes people unknowingly just like the rest of us. Now coming back on topic, do stereotypes affect students in the small town of Dinuba? The answer is clear after students in Mrs. Enns honors class made surveys and combined their results to find out for themselves. The main question was if students have been stereotyped and in what ways. Here are some results.

Majority of the interviewees were female approximately 51.9%. When stereotyped the females said it was about a common gender stereotype which is women are not superior to men. Some
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48.1% men took this survey and there were many stereotypes I didn't even realize we're stereotypes. The stereotypes aren't as big of a deal as women's stereotypes but there are plenty. For instance men were stereotyped more racially than women using words like cracker for a white person and other things that I just rather not say. Men were also stereotyped more as nerds, preps, and jocks than girls were.

How to handle stereotypes is your choice “you steer your direction”. Kids at school don't want to look “weak” in front of their friends so they come back with a joke but a majority of people walked it off and acted as if it were nothing which is probably the better decision to make. This is because if you respond uncaringly nobody will laugh and the person who said it will not want to say it again.

In conclusion stereotypes are everywhere affecting people everywhere and we only know one way to stop them. This is by your decisions if you are all against stereotypes like many are make the change and stop them by starting with
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