Diode Clamed Multilevel Matrix Converter For Dfig Based Wind Energy Conversion System

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Diode Clamed Multilevel Matrix Converter for DFIG Based Wind Energy Conversion System G.Pandu Ranga Reddy1, M.Venkateshwarlu2, M.Vijaya Kumar3 gprreee@gmail.com1,mvk_2004@rediffmail.com2 Abstract—

People of the world are in need to find and develop new sources of energy to power their lives. Owing to the increasing demand for electrical energy, world’s fossil fuel supply will thus be depleted in a few decades. Hence, alternative or renewable sources of energy have to be developed to meet the future energy requirement. Grid connected wind capacity is undergoing through fastest rate of growth compared to any other form of renewable power generation, achieving global annual growth rates of 20–30 %. The power electronic converters play a major role in wind energy conversion system for controlling and conditioning of output power from wind energy. During last few years matrix converters and multi level converter topologies have generated significant interest. This paper discusses the diode clamped multilevel matrix converter design for double fed induction generator based wind energy conversion system. The MATLAB/SIMULINK software is used for analyzing the converter performance.

Index Terms— Double fed induction generator, diode clamped multilevel matrix converters, grid, matrix Converter, space vector pulse width modulation technique, wind turbine.


Energy plays a vital role…
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