Dionysian And Balance Essay

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Apollonian Vs. Dionysian and balance

In Thomas Mann’s book, “Death in Venice”, he uses symbolism throughout his book in order to display many different complex ideas in simpler forms. This symbolism is often not immediately apparent, and requires the reader to ruminate about the text. One of the key concepts repeatedly mentioned throughout the book symbolically was Gustave Achenbach’s fear of growing old, and his longing for a youth he never got to have. We first saw this represented when he initially saw the old man on the boat. Achenbach was at first completely disgusted with the man’s appearance - a reflection of what he feared he might come to look like - being described with the words repulsive, dull, shaky, and what horrified him the most, old. However once he studied the man even closer, he saw reflected the youthfulness he never had. Although he was thoroughly repulsed by the young-old man, he was also envious of the man; the man who was able to relive his youth long after it had left him. To Achenbach this man was symbolic to what he desired to have, a youth, and as well to one of his greatest fears, growing old. This desire for youthfulness and a childhood was also reflected in his early exposures with Tadzio. Tadzio was a representation of everything Achenbach wished he had- the opportunity to live a blissful childhood, and most
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In “Death in Venice”, Mann explores how one must find a balance between their Apollonian and their Dionysian characters, and the consequences that may arise if an
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