Dionysus: The Tragic God

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One of the myths, Dionysus is the “tragic god” because his wild, primal life exists in the shadow of his inevitable death every winter. He lives fully and gloriously despite his fate to be torn apart. Life in the face of a brutal fate becomes the subject of many of the later Greek tragedies, which were originally inspired by Dionysus himself.For example, when Pentheus, the king , refused to worship him and even imprisoned Dionysus. As punishment Dionysus drove Pentheus’ mother and sisters mad, so that they thought Pentheus was a mountain lion and tore him apart with their bare hands.Dionysus, like many of the gods, shares this capricious temper when it comes to being insulted by mortals. In this case the punishment is far worse than the crime. The idea of justice is shaky when it comes to the God of Wine.…show more content…
In this case many of his struggles are struggles against himself, however Hercules tries to make amends for his accidents using only his bravery and immense strength.Hercules shows what the rest of Greece found heroic, however: he is passionate but unintelligent.Hercules’s heroism consists of great deeds rather than good deeds; brute strength, self-confidence, and a simplistic but upright virtue are his most valued traits.They are both violent however they both have their heroic
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