Diploma Level 3 in Social Care Essay

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Diploma level 3 in Health & Social Care
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The following ‘outcomes’, need to be met, to show your assessor competency of your work practices.

UNIT 5 Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care

Outcome 1 Know how to recognise signs of abuse
The learner can:
a. Define the following types of abuse:
• Physical abuse
• Sexual abuse
• Emotional/psychological abuse
• Financial abuse
• Institutional abuse
• Self neglect
• Neglect by others b Identify the signs and/or symptoms associated with each type of abuse.
c. Describe factors that may contribute to an individual
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ved medical attention
 A person being taken to many different places to receive medical attention
 Skin infections
 Dehydration or unexplained weight changes or medication being lost
 Behaviour that indicates that the person is afraid or avoiding the perpetrator
 Change of behaviour

Sexual Abuse  Sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy
 Tears or bruises in genital/anal areas
 Soreness when sitting
 Signs that someone is trying to take control of their body image, for example, anorexia, bulimia or self-harm
 Sexualised behaviour
 Inappropriately dressed

Emotional Abuse

 Difficulty gaining access to the adult on their own
 The adult not getting access to medical care or appointments with other agencies
 Low self-esteem or lack of confidence and anxiety
 Increased levels of confusion
 Increased urinary or faecal incontinence
 Sleep disturbance
 The person feeling/acting as if they are being watched all of the time
 Decreased ability to communicate
 language being used that is not usual for the service user
 Deference/submission to the perpetrator


 Sudden loss of assets
 Unusual or inappropriate financial transactions
 Visitors whose visits always coincide with the day a person's benefits are cashed
 Insufficient food in the house
 Bills not being paid
 A sense that the person is being tolerated in the house due to the income they bring in; sometimes with that
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