Essay Diploma Level 5 in Leadership for Health and Social Care

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Unit 503 – champion equality, diversity and inclusion 1.1 Explain the models of practice that underpin equality, diversity and inclusion in own area of responsibility There are two models that link with equality, diversity and inclusion, the first one is the social model of disability which views discrimination and prejudice as being embedded in today’s society, their attitude’s and their surrounding environment. The social model focuses on who the adult is as person not what their disability or diagnosis is, the focus is on how to improve and empower the individual’s life and lead a more independent life as possible. The second model is the medical model of disability which views adults has having an impairment or lacking in some…show more content…
As a manager I need to put forward and informing vision and objectives for our home and what it represents. My words, actions and the way I behave towards equality and diversity should be encouraging, empathetic and a strong commitment to equality and opportunity. Making sure and implementing the homes policy towards equality, diversity and inclusion and having it accessible for all staff to read and to know where the information can be obtainable. As a manager I need to make sure that all the residents needs are meet by providing the correct external agency to meet their individual needs and abilities. Where I am in doubt I need to seek and make use of specialist and experts in equality, diversity and inclusion issues. I as a manager need to report any issues to the relevant approved authorities. 2.2 Challenge discrimination and exclusion in policy and practice The residents within our home would have experienced some kind of discrimination in their life time. For example the residents will be discriminated against their mental illness by outside agencies if they tried to get a job. By implementing the home policy against discrimination and promoting and raising awareness with in the home and outside, this includes all the internal and external staff that help the home and help daemon straight the great effect it has on the
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