Diploma in Children’s and Young People’s Workforce Cypop 5 Understand How to Set Up a Work Based Child Care Servic

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CYPOP 5.1. The current Legislation for home based childcare and the Role of Regulatory Bodies
By law all providers of home based childcare in England that care for children under the age of eight, must be registered with the regulatory body Ofsted. Ofsted keeps two childcare registers; the Early Years register (for children from birth to Preschool age five) and the Childcare register (for school ages five to eight years).
To register a number of legal criteria must be in place;
Valid Paediatric First aid certificate
It is a legal requirement for registration that the child carer holds a current first aid certificate from an approved provider recognised by the Local Authority and focusing on paediatric care.
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* I keep record of all accidents and incidents however minor.


* My home is equipped with a smoke alarm on each floor and these are checked on a monthly basis. * My kitchen is equipped with a fire blanket and fire extinguisher. * My fire exits are clearly labelled/sign posted. * Fire exits will be kept clear and accessible at all times * My fire procedure is displayed on my notice board. * My fire evacuation process is practiced with the children and recorded on a monthly basis. * There is a no smoking policy on my premises
* I cannot accept to my setting any child which is suffering from, or has suffered from a contagious illness such as diarrhoea, sickness or conjunctivitis in the last twenty-four hours. * I have a valid first aid certificate. * I can only administer medication to your child with prior written consent * All medication (i.e. children’s paracetamol) must be provided by the parent/guardian, and clearly labelled and within expiry date.
Missing / lost child * When on outings I will teach children about acting responsibly and safety at all times. * The safety of the children in my care is paramount and doors are kept locked at all times when not in use. * Visitor are recorded and supervised at all times and children are not left unattended with visitors. * Children must be collected from designated individuals
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