Diplomatic Relations Between Russia And Russia

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One of the most important diplomatic relations that the European Union has is its connection with the Russian Federation. The EU’s past, present, and future with Russia has culminated to one of the most interesting and most important diplomatic relationships within the international political system. The EU and Russia share the very important European continent. EU-Russian foreign policy is critical to the globe as these are two of the world’s more important diplomatic powers. Looking into Russia’s energy dominance and how that effects their relationship of many EU member nations leads to interesting and often tense affairs. These tense affairs especially come out today in the forms of economic sanctions against Russia by the EU in punishment for acts that the EU deems inappropriate, such as the annexation of Crimea and the Ukrainian Crisis. Today, we see that Russia formed its own EU called the Eurasian Union, this is a point of contention. Russia has been pushing states within its “sphere of influence” not to join the EU, but to move to their organization. However, today we are seeing the young population of Russia beginning to move closer to the arms of the EU. In future as the younger generation takes over we can possibly see the greater integration of Russia in the EU. After the Soviet Union fell the Russian Federation was born. The first foreign policy of the EU was its common foreign policy towards Russia in the early 1990’s. Currently, the EU and Russian relation…
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