Dire Direct Animal Killing Essay

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In Moscow, feral dogs have learned how to effectively ride the subway system and will turn and attack humans that mistake them for a domesticated species. (Macdonald) Older deer seem to have learned how to cross the street safely, as they look back and forth the entire time they are crossing. However, this is a learned behavior that cannot be passed genetically onto their offspring, and so younger deer will recklessly skip onto the road, directly in the path of an oncoming vehicle, and this causes fatal car accidents. Even alligators can cause serious bodily harm if someone were to retrieve a golf ball from a shallow pond without noticing the alligator’s presence, or if they are digging through residential garbage cans and eating food left out for pets and a human stumbles across the alligator. They will even ambush unattended pets. (ALLIGATORS)…show more content…
(D. Hill) The risk of contracting a fatal disease is a very serious threat. Rabies is a viral disease (genus Lyssavirus) that affects all mammals, and so can be spread from any mammal to a human. The disease cannot be diagnosed until symptoms appear, and once symptoms have appeared the victim almost always dies. Although not conventionally thought of as wildlife, mosquitoes (genus Anopheles) can be considered urban wildlife, and they are the carriers of the deadly malaria parasite Plasmodium (genus). Malaria commonly ends with the death of the victim; the disease claims up to one million people annually. (DeMichele) Some scientists are now worried that the persistence of human expansion could potentially cause a global pandemic of the H5N1 virus that is introduced into our populations via infected migratory birds that come to stay in the
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