Direct Assessment Of Behavior By Adam

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Direct Assessment of Behavior
Adam was observed during his 5th-period algebra class on four different occasions. On October 22nd and October 26th, he was observed for 90 minutes. October 28th, Adam was also supposed to be observed for the entire 90-minute class, but the observation was cut short after he was sent to the office due to his behavior. The final observation was conducted on October 30th, for 75 minutes. Notes were taken detailing the classroom routine and Adam 's behavior (See Appendix B). The direct observations confirmed many of the behaviors described in the indirect assessment. At different points, Adam was out of his seat, left the classroom, refused to do his work, and used his phone at inappropriate times, but as noted by Mr. Brown in the indirect assessment, it was Adam 's verbal call outs that dominated the classroom climate during main group instruction. Even with the shortened days, Adam averaged almost 11 verbal call outs during the 40-50 minute main lessons. The indirect assessment gave the impression that the verbal call outs dissipated during the independent practice routine, giving way to more insubordinate behavior like a refusal to complete work. However, during the direct assessment, the verbal call outs spanned multiple routines, with Adam averaging 6 verbal call outs during independent practice.
This pattern of verbal call outs was formatted in ABC sequences to help decipher the antecedents and consequences (See Appendix C). For
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