Direct Bullying In Schools

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The type of bullying that i am helping solve is direct bullying . Direct bullying is a physically harrising another student . "school based activities decreased bullying 25%" according to . My program brings students together that have expirenced bullying . This group will give the victims an apportunity to talk about there problems and not just hold them in because it is very unhealthy to not to tell anything about tramitising things like this. It will also give students an oppurturtunity to make new friends.My program will do things that will help with "things that come with bullying are depression, decrease in grades , and low self of steem" according to .
The people that would attend to my program are bully victims, guidance conselar, and person that is succsesfull and was bullied (as a one time guess speaker). The reason i chose these people to attend my program because the the bullying victims will get help the guidance conselur will make sure things are going well and watch over the group and the ex victims would be there to give tips and trick to how they delt with the bullying.These people are all an
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Are program goal will to have each of the student concore one of there fears by the end of the H.A.V.E program. This will give more motivation and make them feel like there apart of something becaue this is a group goal all of the students have to accomplish a goal for it to be accomplished.
My program will be from 3-6 after school on mondays , wensdays , and friday. it will take place in many diffrent places around the school like the gym , cafetiria , classrooms, and etc.
And the best part about my program is its complily FREE . My programs is about helping people not for the money but to make this world a better place .
Well thats all about my program for direct bullying hope you enjoyed and remember its free.
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