Direct Democracy Within A Representative System

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On a very basic level, direct democracy can be seen as mob rule or rule by decree. The system allows the mob to overrule the decisions made by the government, refusing any consistent social contracts between the citizens. In this pure form, direct democracy cannot even be considered a system of governance at all. It is not the most fair or just system. (Schneider). In order for any individual to indulge in a causal contract with other members of the society, it is necessary that they feel that they can rely on the constitution of the society they are contracting with.

Direct democracy is popular currently as an alternative to a failed form called Representative Democracy. The Pirate Party “uses liquid democracy as an idea to tie votes to expertise and incorporate some aspects of direct democracy within a representative system, but this is a recycled idea from historical democracy that was replaced for a reason” (Marsh). Before individual voting and secret ballots were established, people were forced out of voting by the people in a position of power like employers or tyrannical spouses. Liquid democracy is not a new system instead it is a return to a previously failed one. It advocates corruption, vote buying and accepted rule by demagogues. These were the things that deemed this system of government not fit to be implemented; there is no logical reason for returning to a failed form of government. Women and minorities fought too hard for this system to return.
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