Direct Democracy and Athens Essay

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Athens was located on the Western Europe specifically it’s one of the city on Greece. It was the first birth of democracy and also it was the home of education, that’s included Philosophy, Artists and so many scientists were appeared in Athens. In this city there were so many government came out, but none of them didn’t satisfy what the Athenian people wanted, except one king was called Pericles. He was the first leader who proposed democracy and made Athens glorious by different directions, those were by their military, economy and by other things. The important thing why we learned about Athenian history is their astonishing change in the Western Europe . That means they were super smart in Architecture, artist and so many…show more content…
In Athenian being a citizen means they have to fulfilled 4 things. Those were “vote in all elections, serve in office if elected, serve on juries and serve in the military during war”. This shows that being citizens means sacrificed themselves for Athens glorification. But the criteria was almost the same as today democracy, so they were smart and knowledgeable in all direction. During the Golden age the athens were in highly glorified. For instance, In the “Funeral Oration” Pericles talk about their apotheosis. He said “ In short, I say that as a city we are the school of Hellas, while i doubt if the world can produce a man who, where he has only himself to depend upon, is equal to so many emergencies, and graced by so happy a versatility, as the Athenian”. ( Pericles funeral oration p.4) This quote means Athens are the model and the teacher of all Greece city state and also their man had different and god gave them different abilities for them, in other word their citizen had distinct. The second one is their building. That means they were highly in architecture. For instance, “ Athenian architecture was of the most important types of art that still survive, which like anthills, are strong and sturdy. This form of art was extinct in Greece from the end of the Mycenaean
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