Direct Health Care Costs For Health Services Essay

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Direct health care costs to health services: 1- Staffing : cardiologists 2- Training costs 3- Inpatient services and hospital admission 4- Diagnostic procedures 5- Post-operative care cost ,such as imaging services and ECG costs, and medical devices 6- Consumables : e.g. drugs, suture, dressing, gown 7- Outpatient clinic costs, follow up care, such as cardiologists visit 8- Costs of treating of side effects such as, GPs visit 9- Capital costs: spaces required to provide the new intervention 10- Overhead costs such as, administration, light, heat, and cleaning which is supplied centrally (1). Societal perspective includes direct health care cost, direct non-health care costs, and indirect costs. Direct non-health care costs: costs associated with patients and families 1- Over the counter drugs for eliminating side effects 2- Co- payment for the hospital admission, cardiologists, imaging services, ECG, and GPs 3- Additional costs of being in the hospital, post-operative care, follow up visit, such as, child minding. 4- Travel costs to hospital, GPs, outpatient clinic. 5- Wage lost due to being unable to work. Indirect cost: it is related to time value 1- Reduced productivity at work due to side effects. 2- Incapacity for work such as, short-term loss due to being undertaken new intervention, follow up care, post-operative care, GPs consultation, cardiologist visit),and long-term loss, such as, early retirement (1). Technical efficiency or inside program efficiency is

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