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In this section, We are going to see How the conversion of Direct to Indirect Speech and Indirect to Direct Speech is done?
We may report the words of a speaker in two ways.
1. Direct Speech
We may quote the actual words of the speaker as it is. This method is called Direct Speech.
2. Indirect Speech
We may report what he said without quoting his exact words. This method is called Indirect Speech or Reported Speech.
• Direct: Clinton said, “I am very busy now.”
• Indirect: Clinton said that he was very busy then.
• Direct : He said, “ my mother is writing letter.”
• Indirect: He said that his mother was writing letter.
How to change Direct to Indirect Speech?
It will be noticed that in Direct
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• Direct: He said, “I was here yesterday.”
• Indirect: He said that he was there the day before.
Are you clear about the conversion of Direct to Indirect Speech?
Now, let us see the words which get changed when the Direct Speech is changed into Indirect Speech.
• Now becomes then
• Here becomes there
• Ago becomes before
• Thus becomes so
• Today becomes that day
• Tomorrow becomes the next day
• Yesterday becomes the day before
• Last night becomes the night before
• This becomes that
• These becomes those

Are you clear about the conversion of Direct to Indirect Speech?

F. How the questions used in the Direct Speech are changed into Indirect Speech?

In reporting questions, the indirect Speech is introduced by such verbs as asked, inquired etc…
• Direct: He said to me, “What are you doing?”
• Indirect: He asked me what I was doing.
• Direct: A stranger asked me, “Where do you live?”
• Indirect: A stranger enquired where I lived.
• Direct: The Policemen said to us, “Where are you going?”
• Indirect: The Policemen asked us where we were going.
• Direct: He said, “Will you listen to such a man?”
• Indirect: He asked them whether they would listen to such a man.
• Indirect: Would they, he asked, listen to such a man.
• Direct: His angry mother jeered, “Do you suppose you know better than your father?”
• Indirect: His angry
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