Directed Study

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Directed Study #2
International Management - Managing Across Borders and Cultures

Chapter 2
Managing Interdependence -Social Responsibility and Ethics
Discussion Questions
3. What does moral universalism mean? Discuss your perspective on this concept. Do you think the goal of moral universalism is possible? Is it advisable?
Moral universalism is a moral standard toward social responsibility accepted by all cultures.
My opinion is that what is morally correct in my culture may not be in another culture. If we practice equality then is it right for us to tell another culture what is morally correct. How then do we enforce our morals on others? With the numerous cultures and beliefs how do we determine what a universal standard is? And
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6. As a manager in a foreign subsidiary, how can you reconcile local expectations of questionable payments with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act? What is your stance on the problem of “payoffs?” How does the degree of law enforcement in a particular country affect ethical behavior in business?
Managers must be able to distinguish between harmless practices and actual bribery, between genuine relationships and those used as a cover-up. The fact of the matter is, many business people are willing to engage in bribery as an everyday part of meeting their business objectives. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act attempts to provide some guidelines for distinguishing between a bribe and facilitating business.
There are several factors involved when dealing with “payoffs.” What is considered to be a payoff would be the first factor. When a company is given tax incentives to open a company in a new territory it is seen as a payoff to some inhabitants of that community. Another factor involved is what amount is considered, and how does it harm companies that can’t afford to pay the cost. A payoff has corrupt implications and should not be done. Ultimately, it will be up to the local manager to make the call. Some will say that if the law is not being enforced by the host country, then it is probably less important to the host. They
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