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Chapter 1
1. List your activities for the first two hours after you woke up this morning. Briefly indicate how marketing affected your activities.

Morning grooming
Check weather
Make and drink coffee
Get dressed
Get in vehicle and turn on morning talk show station
Drive to work

The products I use in the bathroom, the coffee I drink, and the clothes I wear are influenced by marketing. The commercials convinced me to try soap products, toothpaste, and the coffee I drink. Marketing may persuade one to try a new product but ultimately the product or services must live up to the “hype” to keep consumers coming back.

2. If a producer creates a really revolutionary new product and consumers can learn about it and purchase it at a website,
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Over 7 years in a row, they have won the JD Power for customer service.

2. Distinguish clearly between mass marketing and target marketing. Use an example. Mass marketing vaguely aims at “everyone”, meaning everyone is considered potential customer. It attempts to try to sell to everyone. Examples of mass marketing are products like toothpaste or soaps. Restaurants would also be mass marketing. Target marketing on the other hand specifically “targets” specific customers. Dentures are targeted for senior citizens. Formulas are targeted for infants. Target customers ranges from age, gender and or race.
4. Explain, in your own words, what each of the four Ps involve.

Product: developing right product for the target market
Place: product is available when and where at target market place
Promotion: promoting product to target market which may focus on acquiring new customers or retaining customers.
Price: setting price which must consider competition before the final pricing is set
12. Research has shown that only about three out of every four customers are, on average, satisfied by a firm’s marketing programs. Give an example of a purchase you made where you were not satisfied and what the firm could have changed to satisfy you. If customer satisfaction is so important to firms, why don’t they score better in this area? I purchased couple appliances several years back from Home Depot but informed them that it would not be picked up

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