Directing Act 3 Scene 4 of William Shakespeare's Macbeth Essay

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Directing Act 3 Scene 4 of William Shakespeare's Macbeth

It is extremely important that an author is able to manipulate a reader's feelings towards a character in literary pieces; this is achieved by William Shakespeare. Shakespeare incorporates the use of imagery throughout the play; animals, blood, clothing and weather are some of the main components used as symbols. Literary elements such as symbolism are used for example the owl or falcon which when the play was written where both associated with supernatural happenings. To help compel the importance of imagery in modern day adaptations of Macbeth directors will often use symbols for example darkness, which in our society is often a primary
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Macbeth falls to his desires and turns him from a high, powerful and respected man to an evil, wicked, tyrant murderer. The scene I am focusing on is a significant scene because it shows a turning point in many of the characters especially Macbeth. The main themes dealt with in this play are blood, supernatural, evil, disorder, chaos and madness.

Act 3 scene 4 begins with the entrance of MacBeth and Lady MacBeth; they are greeted by a room full of guests for the state banquet. The lighting should be dim indicating something strange or somewhat unnerving was in the midst of happening. The long tables will be filled with food for the banquet typical of that era such as whole pigs. The tables will be set slightly diagonal with the table on the right of the stage facing out to the right and the table on the left facing out to the left. In between the two tables at the far end will be the banquet table for MacBeth, Lady MacBeth, Ross, Lennox and some Lords. The light on this table will be slightly brighter to portray its importance.

The actors will be wearing dark colours in traditional costume for that time; the main characters who illustrate more emotion will wear mood colours representing the way they are feeling or perhaps how they will feel in the near future. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth will both be dressed in black symbolising death and disseat

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