Directing Courses For Exploration With The Body And Voice

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I believe it is essential that acting and directing courses provide room for exploration with the body and voice both discretely and within the context of more traditional scene work. I believe in offering several forms of technique rather than one method that “must” be followed without room for questioning, self-assessment, and thoughtful critique. I approach director training and new works creation together, combining traditional directing, Viewpoints and composition work, and new works creation as series of inquiries addressing those practices pivotal in developing directors: finding the essence of the story and cultivating deep listening, focus, and an awareness of time and space. As a creator and teacher of movement-based theatre, I believe it is crucial for student actors and directors to cultivate a personal relationship to space, time, and their own bodies. In order for students to move beyond the phase of trying to get something “right” and into thinking critically about creation and the storytelling potential of movement, I stress the importance of laboratory exploration. The goal is the journey, the investigation, the experimentation, and the increasing knowledge of self. I encourage fearlessness. And I remind my students “there is no such thing as a bad movement: we are investigating and creating, not judging.” To begin to utilize the body for theatrical creation, the first and foremost task is the development of awareness of self and awareness of space. I use
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