Direction Pilots of Today's Aviation

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When starting out on a career hunt one of the last thing you want to find out is that your perspective career, as an Air Traffic Controller (ATC) has a negative job growth, “-0.2% overall” for the coming year (Eureka 1). At first I concluded that computers were perhaps overtaking many of the challenges ATCs faced by it actually turns out that with the increase of fuel cost and decline in the economy the number of flights per year has dropped drastically, approximately 40.2% since 2001 ( None of this changes my passion in the aviation industry or my desire to become an air traffic controller. Simply the fact that the job growth is negative does not mean that there are not positions opening. My initial plan of entering as a…show more content…
The word out is that occasionally positions will open up for people with no experience that would be trained at the FAAs training center in OK but I have yet to find an opportunity. It appears pretty clearly that my best chance of getting into the Air Traffic Controller career is going to be through the Air Force which is why I contacted a person I found online for who took a similar route through the Navy. As per policies with the website I found her on I chose not to ask for her actual name as I felt it was not fully needed and that her user name which is “oliveoyl89” would suffice. The first question I asked was “Once I join the Air Force to become an ATC what will my time be like until I'm am in a tower, and once I have all my training what will it be like to transfer to the public FAA sector?” oliveoyl89 explained “Once you enlist you will go to boot camp… as soon as you graduate boot camp you will go to 'A' school…in Pensacola, Fl. (for the navy) That is a fun place. I loved it there. Once you graduate from school you will have your pink card. As far as how easy it is to transfer I am not too sure yet as I have only just applied” (oliveoyl89). So far I am liking the idea more and more. My next concern is how does someone know about ATC and how do they decide that it might be for them so I asked “What made you first consider the job” oliveoyl89 replied “My uncle
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