Direction and Concentration Gradients

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Direction and concentration gradients Bradley Benton ABSTRACT In this experiment, we will investigate the effect of solute concentration on osmosis. A semi‐permeable membrane (dialysis tubing) and sucrose will create an osmotic environment similar to that of a cell. Using different concentrations of sucrose (which is unable to cross the membrane) will allow us to examine the net movement of water across the membrane. INTRODUCTION A major determinant of diffusion in a biological system is membrane permeability. Small, uncharged molecules pass through cellular membranes easily, while most and/or charged molecules cannot pass through the membrane. The movement of water across a selectively permeable membrane, like the plasma membrane…show more content…
Using the graduated cylinder, measure 20mLs of the stock sucrose solution and 180mL of water to create a 3% sucrose solution and place it into the 250mL beaker (beaker #2). Place bags #1‐3 (red, blue, yellow) into beaker 2 and bag #4 (green) into beaker 1. Allow the bags to sit for one hour. After allowing the bags to sit for one hour, remove them from the beakers carefully open the bags, noting that often times the tops may need to be cut as they tend to dry out. Measure the solution volumes of each dialysis bag using the empty 250 ml beaker. RESULTS INITIAL VOLUME | SUCROSE % | PREDICTION | FINAL VOLUME | BAG #1 10mL | 30 | No water will move | 10 mL | BAG #2 10mL | 30 | No water will move | 7 mL | BAG #3 10mL | 30 | Water will move out | 0 mL | BAG #4 10mL | 3 | Water will move in | 10 mL | | | | | CONCLUSION In this lab we found out that the dialysis bag contained more fluids inside it. This can happen because sucrose is small enough to pass through the selectively permeable membrane. Some errors that might have been encountered during the lab could have been the fact that some of the dialysis bags were not tightly tied with the dental floss, or that the wrong substance was used. Another possible source of error was if the carrot strips had been dehydrated from the beginning of the experiment or were already
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