Directive Leadership

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Directive leadership- With this type of leadership a leader must explain the tasks and goals to the followers. This style is mostly seen when a leader is dealing with a complex situation, or with inexperienced members.
Supportive leadership- In this type of leadership a leader must be courteous and friendly towards followers, the leader must show sensitivity towards the followers needs. When a follower is dealing with a repetitive task or stressful situation, this style of leadership is the best a leader can show.
Participative leadership- With this leadership leaders, focus on participation. They tend to consider the followers ideas, before making decisions. This style of leadership works best when followers want to give their inputs when situations are complex, or when a task is challenging.
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When a leader deal with certain situations such as, unmotivated followers, and unchallenged work, a leader will set challenges to the followers, yet the leader will also provide support and tips of improvements, which will lead to the team’s success.
There are two type if follower’s behavior those are, satisfaction of followers, and followers’ perception of their own abilities. When it comes to followers’ satisfaction, followers will support their leader as long as the leader’s actions serve as a way of increasing their own levels of satisfaction. However, leaders are not the only source that can increase satisfaction, followers characteristics also depend on their satisfaction. Characteristics play a role in path-goal theory along with behaviors, since they are important in determining outcomes.
Directive leadership, supportive leadership, participative leadership, and achievement-oriented leadership are the four types of leader behaviors that are part of the path-goal theory. With path-goal theory depending on the followers and the situation, leader’s behaviors
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