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Supervisor Interview I had the opportunity to interview Rebekah Bohannon, NCC, LPC- MHSP, Regional Clinical Director of East Tennessee for The Next Door. This facility functions as a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center for currently incarcerated women. Services such as work force development, medical treatment, drug and alcohol treatment, clinical mental health services and a family enrichment program are just some of the services this facility provides. Rebekah currently provides clinical supervision to me, both at the graduate student internship level and at an employment level. In describing her role as a supervisor, she state, “working as a clinician is a wild ride, but working as a supervisor is an even wilder ride” (Bohannon, 2016). This provides an accurate description of the picture of clinical supervision I acquired from this personal interview, as well as, my experience with Rebekah operating as my supervisor. Philosophy of Supervision Rebekah utilized the “sink or swim” approach to supervision, which particularly emphasizes the process of challenging the counselor-in-training. She described her philosophy of supervision as experiential. In other words, counselors-in-training learn best by jumping in, experiencing the role of a counselor, and learning as they go. Furthermore, it is important to have confidence in the abilities and skills of the counselor-in-training, as well as, trusting in their ability to be responsible for their actions. She monitors

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