Dirt Bike Usa

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Dirt Bikes USA

Background: Dirt Bikes USA was founded in 1991 by Carl Schmidt and Steven McFadden. These two entrepreneurs saw the increasing demand for Dirt bikes, and took the initiative to capitalize on their idea. These two former bikers took their knowledge of dirt bikes and their love of the sport and developed on that foundation. Their idea was to give the customer a product that was aptly suited for the specific needs of the customer. Also the duo wanted to give something more than just a bike, they wanted to provide the highest possible satisfaction at a reduced cost than their competitors. To reach this goal they developed frames for dirt bikes that were more suited to off-road handling and started using these frames to build
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A better way to read the model is to say that the organization structure is sort of flat, hence it is still a growing company, but 5 different groups report to one department and then that department as well as two others report to the CEO and COO as aptly outlined by the model. With little expertise in the E-commerce business, it gives Dirt Bikes’ competitors a slight advantage in marketing its products on the web.

The Problem: Dirt Bikes USA do not have an adequate internet based platform as to which it can sell its products. This means that its competitors have the advantage to sell in prime estate areas that would normally be essential to Dirt Bikes success. To overcome this problem the implementation of a web site and more software are a necessity. To implement systems such as SAP or an Oracle system, Dirt bikes will need to invest some serious money into the transition. However some downfalls that arise when technology is introduced into a company include, teaching the staff to use the technology effectively and intelligently, lost money at the point of implementation, and the possibility for the system to crash if not set up properly. Dirt Bikes will also need a user-friendly, visually stimulating, easy to navigate web site. This means that more money will need to be spent in order to get the ball rolling on this new transition. Because Dirt Bikes do not sell directly to retail customers, it relies on a network of 40 distributors concentrated in

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