Essay on Dirty Secrets of Globalization

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With globalization come injustices that are experienced in everyday living. Many people do not even know that they are experiencing the effects of globalization. On a daily basis personal experience conflicts on the ideas of the ideal beauty, unequal structures in the media and even work within harsh and unfair environments just to survive in the modern world. Slowly the world is interacting and integrating with companies, governments and people of different nations creating a globalization effect. Globalization is a continuing effect for individuals trying to live in the modern world, whereas some grasps its contents other struggle to make a living. Although many benefit from globalization and know the tricks to ensure success individuals…show more content…
No one body is the same, each and every individual in the world is different from one another and rather than embracing our differences dominant culture extracts an ideal form that should be conformed to and broadcasts the image to duplicate. These same ideals is what causes women to force themselves to look a certain way by any means; some resort to anorexia, bulimia and now more popular than ever cosmetic surgery. “Of all the concerns young women face growing up in the Western world, their changing relationships with their bodies is one of the most challenging. Young women today receive a confusing range of messages about their bodies in Western culture, from the affirming to the derogatory” (Rice, 2005, p.321). At even a young age girls get confused on what is the ideal look and what is their own look. Parents tell their children that they themselves are perfect the way they are but then they get teased at school about their appearance and are also exposed to media’s representation of beauty. Now more than ever are girls and women insecure about their bodies because that’s what has been shown in the mass media and through everyday experience. Carla Rice suggests numerous strategies to reflect cultural body ideals, first being to make connections to those who generate positive messages of the body. Second to instigate the idea of
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