Disabilities Rights Movement Research Paper

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After watching, videos, going over the material, and doing some research about the disabilities rights movement I found it sad that people have fought so long and hard to get the rights there are now for people with disabilities, the rights that should be unspoken and come naturally, not have to be fought for. The opening of the American School for the Deaf happened in 1817 in Hartford Connecticut. This was an important event. This was the first School for children with disabilities in the western part of the world. I believe this opened the door for the possibility of more children with disabilities to go to school. This school started to help some people see that these children could learn and succeed with the right help and support. Maybe people of this decade were afraid of peoples differences therefore didn’t want to acknowledge they may be able to learn and be a contributing person to society. The American school helped change these attitudes I believe Things have really changed since then. There are now inclusion programs which children with disabilities learn and interact with their typical developing peers. I think people have come a long way with fearing the differences in other…show more content…
The federal government made a big increase in their financial support to states due to these amendments. Today it is different, the Americans with Disabilities act protects people with these types of disabilities so they will not be discriminated against when looking for jobs. I think these types of disabilities are hard to find support for let alone finding a job. I was happy to see that there are laws put in place stopping this
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