Disability : A Cause Disability

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Have you ever get a chance to know about disability, a cause of disability, and the consequence? Disability is a condition, which may restrict the person mental, sensory or mobility function to undertake or perform a task in the same way as a person who does not have a disability. One disability comes in much Variety of shape, sex, color, and culture like others do. The only thing that separates a person with a disability is that, they only cannot do certain things in the same way as the mainstream of society. Because there are many different reasons and conditions can impair their behavior, movement, and mobility. The inability to use legs, arms, or body because of paralysis, stiffness, pain or other common impairment may change their thinking and also behavior. Moreover, it may be the result of disease, age, birth defects or accidents, and they may be contributing to other disabilities such as, impairing speech, memory loss, short stature, and hearing loss. It is the most important thing to change our observation when we come to Childs with a disability because they may find it difficult to participate when they facing social and physical barriers. Most people have a different attitude for disability and they treat them differently. Unfortunately, this type of thinking or stereotyping is one form of discrimination. Also, it is diverse when we see disability between developed and developing country. In developed country disabled teens have the accessory to use items to
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