Disability And The Justification Of Inequality In American History

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While disability rights and awareness have advanced, disabled people have not been able to wrest total control of the discrimination placed upon them due to the way society uses the idea of disability as a metaphor signifying human incapacity. In Douglas C. Baynton’s, Disability and the Justification of inequality in American History, he analyzes the controlling metaphor of disability through race. Similarly watching Donald Trump's infamous speech where he mocks a disabled reporter shows how the metaphor also relates to hierarchal inferiority. Throughout history, American culture has come to define disability as a social burden. Metaphors of disability are utilized in order to justify society’s exclusionary stance towards different or abnormal people. Examples of the usage of this metaphor are omnipresent. Starting in elementary school, children who learn at a slower pace than others become categorized as handicapped. In daily life and informal conversation the question, “Are you retarded?” Berates someone for asking a perceived “obvious" question. Society has become accustomed to using the term disability and other slang referring to disability as a synonym for stupid or incompetent. Many times it goes further than simply rhetoric; the able-bodied, even supposedly fair figures such as The President of the United States, can use a representation of disabled people to make a point or reference incompetence in others. This, in turn, further ostracizes disabled people and
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