Disability And The Urban Environment

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Why is it acceptable to have a group of citizens in our society kept from their freedom? Disabled Americans are often restricted from liberty and equality due to the fact that our urban environments are frequently structured in ways that make it difficult for handicapped individuals to utilize. America needs to do more to aide the needs of the 19% of the population who are disabled. Harlan Hahn, a professor in the department of political science, at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, CA cites in his article “Disability And The Urban Environment” how a disabled American is looked on as a minority group and kept unable to interact in the urban environment . Hahn’s main focus is the disadvantage of the disabled in the city of Los angeles throughout the article. I have made an observation about the City of Philadelphia and from my perspective the architectural configurations are not designed to benefit the needs of the disabled. Throughout my observation in Center City Philadelphia, PA I realize I was not seeing disabled people as much. There were a few disabled people at LOVE park, most of them were homeless people that spend the day in the same spot, begging for money. I did not see a vast number of handicapped Americans going to work, or partaking in the social life occurring in the city. The urban environment is built to fit a healthy man in a way, as a society we put working man as the model that we built most of the environmental structures that we use
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