Disability Case Study: Affordable Accommodation In Professional Golf

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Issues: The issue in this case study is whether to allow the use of a golf cart a reasonable accommodation for a professional golfer with a disability that restricts him from walking substantial distances?
Rule: According to (Moran, 2014), reasonable accommodations for disabilities include, having a work site accessible and modifying equipment and changing work schedules. In the job accommodation is a rational adjustment to a work environment, which makes it possible for any individual with a disability in order to perform specific duties ( Disability discrimination occurs when an employer makes up for more than 15 employees in terms of making noticeable employment actions that affect an individual who has also had an impairment that limits any major life activities (Moran, 2014),
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Since he is a professional golfer and the need for reasonable accommodations for his disability in order for him to perform the job. In this argument, the PGA must an attempt to accommodate Martin in order to allow him to perform his job. The decline to review Martin records was the first act of disability discrimination. Mr. Martin is entitled to accommodate to the stage due to his disability, either way, it would have never made that specific accommodation for the first two stages. In the counterargument with the PGA, they do not need to make accommodations for Martin disability. He also was aware before he joined the professional golfer and also knows the rule for working. To allow Martin to get a ride in the third stage would consider being unfair to the other golfers. However, he could not walk and 18- hole golf course but can’t walk a 1-hold of the golf
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