Disability Case Study

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Disability Issues in the Public Workplace Eloise, a supervisor at the Federal Administration Agency (FAA), was faced with trying to ensure productivity when one of her workers became ill, and was not maintaining her level of work. Brenda, who had been a computer programmer for the Management Information Systems Support Division of the FAA for nine years, was diagnosed with breast cancer in January of 1991. She left work immediately to have an operation and to start treatments. Brenda was supposed to return to work after the medical procedure so Eloise reached out to her in February. Brenda stated that she did not feel up to it, that she would continue to use her sick leave and would return in March. Seeing that Brenda would not be…show more content…
Her self-pitying statements of feeling terrible and being in a lot of pain followed by combative statements about her agency's priorities in wanting her to return to work should have been the last time she (the supervisor) initiated a conversation with Brenda. Instead they continued to communicate and Eloise continued to extend her leave from the agency. When Brenda did return on an agreed date, she made complaints about how her work assignments were overwhelming. Eloise once again relented and gave her special dispensation to put her feet up on the desk and take extended breaks during the day. Over the next several weeks, Brenda's paranoia at work due to her physical and now mental impairment became a larger issue for her supervisor. Brenda started to accuse the rest of the staff of isolating her and treating her differently. At this point Eloise recommended Employee Counseling, which Brenda vehemently refused, saying all of the others, not her, needed the counseling. One can only hope that Eloise had been documenting these meetings with Brenda. In addition to documenting them, the presence of a third person in the office would have been advisable, especially considering the deteriorating mental condition of Brenda. The situation now reached a point where decisive action should have been taken. Eloise's second problem was her mishandling of the rest of her subordinates in the wake of Brenda's

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