Essay on Disability Discrimination Act

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Disability Discrimination Act This act was passed in 1995. The disability act protects disabled people in: * Employment * Access to goods, facilities and services * The management, buying or renting of land or property * Education The DDA covers a disability which people: * Have now, * Had in the past (for example: a past episode of mental illness), * May have in the future (e.g.: a family history of a disability which a person may also develop), * Are believed to have (for example: if people think someone has AIDS). The DDA also covers people with a disability who may be discriminated against because: * They are accompanied…show more content…
It is against the law for an employer to discriminate against a disabled person: · In the terms on which he offers that person employment · By refusing to offer, or deliberately not offering, him employment The consequence of this that the business can be shut down or the owner can be sued or at worst put in jail. Relating the act to the Internet café: Relating the act to the Internet café there are certain rules, which I have to follow in order to create a successful Internet café, which meets, the disability discrimination act. (3) The following are examples of services to which this section and sections 20 and 21 apply (a) Access to and use of any place which members of the public are permitted to enter; Text Box: Firstly I must be able to provide access for disabled people e.g. wheelchairs to access the café, some sort of ramp must be created for access. I must be able to provide wide doors to allow the access of wheelchairs preferably automatic doors. If the building has more than one floor their must be facilities on the first floor e.g. toilets for disabled people to use. I must be able to provide equipment, which allows disabled people e.g. blind people to access the computers and take full advantage of them. To do this I must be able to provide a brail keyboard and
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