Disability In The Movie Analysis

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Additionally the movie ended with a surprising twist. Madeline decides to leave the house and go see the ocean, even if it was her last time breathing. Madeline and Olly spent three days in Hawaii until a complication happened with Madeline and she was taken to the emergency room. After a couple of weeks Madeline got a call from the hospital in Hawaii to check up on her and that’s when she knew that she actually does not have SCID. The doctor said that her immune system is weak, but that does not mean she has SCID. The movie after that portray us how Maddy was living happily going swimming, traveling and sitting outside. This ending changed the idea of the film to be a disability movie too another genre, but it raises conflict about the reason the movie used a disability in the movie to explain other notation in the movie. This ending tells us the only way to be happy is unless or you do not having that disability or you get cured of your disability. It gives off the vibe that the only way to be break the barrier, which in this situation is Madeline's house, and entering the society like normal people is not to have that disability from the beginning. Disability studies is fighting this notion of seeing disability people as a problem in the society. Oliver said “ we need “social theory of disability” to challenge the medical and psychological dominance of theories about disability.” Moreover, Habermas in 1987 mentioned “Rehabilitation implied the general notions
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