Disability Policies For Disabled Individuals

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Disability in Australia has progressively become a more recognised social issue in todays contemporary society. The perception and ideas of disability has transitioned from one of institutionalisation to one of extensive support, which has lead to the development of many disability policies within Australia that aims to holistically meet the needs of disabled individuals. The development of three central disability policies, The National Disability Insurance scheme, National Disability Strategy 2010-2020 and the National Disability Agreement 2012 has altered the services available to disabled citizens, how supports are implemented, the wellbeing of disabled individuals and societal attitudes towards disability. The policy area conns…show more content…
Under Australian disability policies, there is a significant focus on individuals with disabilities making their own decisions regarding what services they wish to use and which agencies/ organisations will provide those services for them. This is highlighted in the NDIS provision of financial funding to the individual, not a service provider in order to allow the individual to choose their path as opposed to being told what services they are being allocated to. This gives the disabled individual a great sense of autonomy and empowerment as they are provided the opportunity to self direct their service use by being given choice and control over the supports they need to meet their goals.

The central value of equality focuses on the attainment of an inclusive society that enables people with disability to reach their potential as equal, active and participating citizens while promoting equality of opportunities, financial stability, accommodation, employment and social participation. As a result of the value of human equality, social inclusion emerged as an essential value across policies. Social inclusion is recognised across policies as a foundational belief that disabled individual are active, included and valued members of society, therefore strategies have been implemented to increase their involvement in society. For example a central vision of the NDS aims for “people with disability to live in accessible and well designed communities with opportunity
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