Disability Sports : Disabled Disabilities

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Disability sports was initially created to help rehabilitate war veterans, since then it has become extremely popular and occurs across the globe. Historically, disability sports has not received very much attention, the problem is that we don’t have enough organized programs for the younger generations. There are plenty of after-school programs out there for able-bodied children, such as football or soccer, but there is a considerable lack in the amount of programs for disabled children, accessibility to equipment and gear, and coaches to teach the sports (DePauw 1995). The major lack of resources factors into whether or not disabled people participate in disability sports. Disability sports brings awareness to the discrimination of those disabled, forces society to redefine its outlook on disability, and encourages those disabled to accept and think positively about their impairment despite the standards set by society which is why there should be more organized disability sport programs available. Society, including the government, has never showed much care for or interest in disability. Early in disability history, disabled persons were often ignored and locked away in an institution, away from the public eye. Behind the closed doors of an institution patients were often beaten and malnourished, as people started to realize this, society’s views had begun to change. The care for those disabled eventually became the responsibility of their family, yet there continued
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