Disability Theory And Feminist Analysis

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This article discusses compares disability theory and feminist theory of women’s bodies. Garland-Thomson states, “…to fully understand the social construction of women’s bodies we must also examine the impact of disability and social reactions to it” (Garland-Thomson, 86). The idea for this article is to uncover the similarities about disability and the woman’s body and to understand that both have been socially constructed to divide and add levels of stereotypes to them. Looking at the aspect in which women’s bodies are being mistreated, shunned, and stereotyped, there is a correlation in the ways disabilities are seen as well. The author breaks down the four domains of the feminist theory that can directly correlate to disability; representations, the body, identity, and activism. Regarding representations, the article…show more content…
I was intrigued as to how the author would correlate both topics. I never really realized how much women’s bodies are truly idealized. On the most basic level I understand how women’s bodies are being mistreated, but not to this extent. Then making the parallels to disabled bodies, I am amazed. Looking at the Saartje Bartmann example, I see a different stereotype. During this era, the African American woman’s body has been sexualized now. Bartmann was sexualized, but more so taunted than celebrated. Now I see that women of all cultures are starting to follow the trend of being curvier to appeal to men. Almost as if Saartje body image is coming back but in a more acceptable today. While reading, I wondered how would this society be if people did not cultural appropriate the black culture and turn the image of the Bartmann’s body into something to be adored? Also, what would happen if women and disabled bodies fight the stereotypes placed on them by society? Would that change the images we see on social media, and primetime
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