Disability in Modern British Society

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Discuss the levels of inequality or disadvantage encountered by disability in modern British Society. Approximately 8.5 million people in the United Kingdom are registered disabled (Office of National Statistics 2002 cited in Giddens 2006:287). Definitions of disability is important to the way in which its nature is investigated and also to its extent in society. This essay will illustrate the broad definitions of disability and the dissimilarity between disability and impairment. It will also discuss how in modern British Society inequality and disadvantages are still being encountered by the disabled and the policies that have been put into place to counteract this. The Collins Concise English Dictionary…show more content…
It has become apparent that the majority of current housing is ill equipped for their needs. Many local housing departments are aiming to change this and understand how equipment and adaptations can make a huge difference and enable disabled people to live independently. Initiatives like Lifetime homes aim to make everyone’s home more accessible generally, and if or when needed can be adapted accordingly. (Joseph Rowntree Foundation 2008). The Disability Discrimination Act was passed in 1995 and was shaped to give disabled people certain legal protection from discrimination in areas such as employment. Further legislation was introduced in 1999 to work towards the elimination of discrimination against disabled people. Still, people with impairments related to disability belong to one of the most deprived groups in the UK. At least 8.5 million people in the UK are disabled, of whom 6.8 million are of working age. Only around 3 million of this latter group is employed and the people in employment tends to earn less compared to non-disabled workers. (NOP 1998 cited in Giddens 2006:287). The UK governments expenditure is high for disability related spending, for example, incapacity and disability benefits, perhaps to counteract the limited number of disabled people that are employed. Yet this further excludes the disabled from the able-bodied people of society as they can now be
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