Disabled By Robert Frost

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The poems which I am talking about, were both written at the time of the first world war. It was probably a huge influence on them in a negative way as the themes running throughout are exploitation and pathos. Towards the end of the war, it was not very popular, and people thought of it in this way. Robert Frost, who wrote “Out, Out- “, was a very successful writer who sold many poems and went on to teach English to students at universities around America. The writer of “Disabled”, Wilfred Owen was a soldier in the war. He wrote the poem in 1917, one year before he died. He never saw the signing of the armistice as he died just a week before it happened. At the start of each poem, the writers set the scene in very different ways. In disabled,…show more content…
Descriptive language is used to describe it “Under the sunset” and “Five mountain ranges”. This makes it seem like a place where you would want to live. The mountain ranges make it seem as though it is a fairly isolated place which you may want to live in as it is quieter and more relaxing than living in a very busy city which contrasts greatly from there. A large part of the poem is the time of day. The phrase “Under the sunset” starts this theme which runs throughout. It also adds to the idyllic scene which is being set for the poem. The saw which the young person is using seems menacing throughout. Frost uses onomatopoeia, personification and repetition to describe the noises which it is making “Rattled and snarled”. The saw could be an intimidating predatorial animal which makes it seem wild and untamed. This also hints as to what is going to happen. As the poem was written at a similar time to the battle of the Somme, it could be in reference to the deadly machine guns which were loudly rattling and snarling as they cut through people’s flesh. The phrase “Rattled and snarled” is repeated three times at the start of the poems, it could be the guns repeatedly
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