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Disabled By Wilfred Owen In my essay,"Disabled" by Wilfred Owen. I am going to describe how successfully he uses poetic techniques to present the true effects of war in his poem. The main technique used in the poem is contrast, as well as other techniques. Which makes the fate of the young man more pitiful. The use of irony, word choice, and powerful images, all create the sense of atmosphere in each stanza. The contrast of mood and tone is used in the first and second stanza, which creates a change of mood. In the first stanza words like "ghastly" and phrases like, "saddening like a hymn", are used by Owen to create a dull and depressing mood. Which represents the mans present life in which he is stuck in. Then in the…show more content…
Before he went to war he "liked a blood smear down his leg" as if it made him feel strong and powerful. He liked to show his scars off, so people thought he was brave. Now his real wounds leave him disabled. Powerful visual images used in the third stanza emphasise this point. "A leap of purple spurted from his thigh." This describes his injury dramatically. The word "purple" describes his blood, which makes us think of royalty. He has lost something very precious. Imagery is used in the third stanza, which creates atmosphere and feeling. "Poured", like his life is poured away. The powerful visual images created by Owen in the third stanza. Are contrasted by the glamorous images created in the fourth stanza. In the third stanza the man thought that going to war would be great. He thought he would look so brave and hard; impressing everyone especially his girlfriend; He would look great in his uniform; all the soldiers would be like a great big family; He'd come home a hero. All soon this changed. In the fifth stanza the dull and horrible reality of war soon began to sink in, it was terrifyingly escapable. In the sixth stanza word choice is used to show the tragedy of war. "Why don't they come?" This leaves the reader thinking of what it means. Which I think it means his fate. "When

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