Disabled Students With Their Special Education

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Another form of discrimination that is occurring in society is disabled people who are not receiving the necessary benefits. For instance, most of the disabled individuals do not receive equal benefits because they do not have a job. Most do not have access to medical or insurance because they do not have a job in which they can support themselves. This kind of discrimination and treatment creates disabled people to have feelings of anger and sadness as they are not being protected and their rights are violated. Society characterizes disabled people as not being normal because of their physical or emotional disability. Another form of discrimination that is occurring is how disabled students are not receiving the education and support they need. Today there is not enough teachers who are willing to help disabled students with their special education. Also, budget cuts are currently affecting public schools and instead of investing that money for special education, 85% of the budget is spent on salaries and the benefits of the employees. This not only is affecting the disabled students, but also there are not available resources to support them. Although disabled students are discriminated there are some great resources that are available to them. On the other hand, handy cap students that come from low- income families have an advantage of receiving free education and transportation. Having access to equal employment opportunities in the U. S. is a dream that several…
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