Disadvantage Of Plastic Surgery

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Each person in this world has their own goal in life. Some people want to be famous, some others want to be gifted, and other people want to be rich, etc. And to be beautiful is one of the most popular goals of this existence. When people are beautiful, they may achieve their other dreams, like they may find happiness or the love of their lives, or they could be well-known for their beauty. Some people have a natural beauty, so they will not have to worry anymore. But some others are not as lucky as them, they do not have an attractive face or body. Therefore, those people might do anything to obtain this target. There are two ways to be more good-looking. The first way is to have plastic surgery. However, choosing this method could cost a lot of money and it could cause side effects.…show more content…
In addition, some women even have to pay their lives because of some dishonest beauty salons, such as the Cát Tường beauty salon case in Việt Nam. Therefore, other people may choose the second way, which is doing exercises to lose weight and to have a well-proportioned body. This approach is more inexpensive and safer. Otherwise, it could cause them a lot of time and effort to gain their goal. One of the most inextricable problems of this method is that some people cannot take off their weight though they still do exercises. So the question here is: “why cannot we lose weight although we do exercises?”. There are several reasons to answer this query yet in my perspective, there are three main sources that cause this issue: the nutrition, the intensity of training, and the spirit. Accordingly, if we want to keep in shape, or maybe lose weight for a better figure, we must attach much importance to these three
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