Disadvantages And Costly Treatment Of Being Fat And Overweight

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Obesity Specific purpose: To inform my audience about disadvantages and costly treatment of being fat and overweight Central idea: the health risk, death rate and treatment of being overweight are serious and costly in all over the world. Introduction Health risk is the one of the biggest disadvantage of Obesity. It can affect our health so many ways like high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, cholesterol, depression and cancer. It can also effect on your heart rate and then high chances of heart attack. Oboist people are “over aggressive” than the normal people because they are always in depression about their overweight. Also their body function works differently than non-obese people. It is also one of the big disadvantage of Obesity, Nowadays, Television, Computer and Phone are another main reason to make adult including children obese. Children, do not go outside to play with basketball or ride a bike. Instead, they play videogames and watch movies and chatting to a next door friend at home. Body 1: Obesity usually occurs from inactivity, too much sleep, pregnancy, unhealthy diet, and certain medication. Transition: I would like to talk on how excess weight can harm our health The health risk of obesity are high blood pressure, stroke, Obesity Hypoventilation syndrome, heart disease, cholesterol, depression and cancer. High blood pressure is a disease in which blood is being forced against the walls of arteries as the heart
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