Disadvantages And Disadvantages Of Longitudinal Studies, Cons, And Methods

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Longitudinal study Longitudinal studies play a key position in epidemiology, medical research, and healing evaluation. Longitudinal studies are used to represent ordinary growth and aging, to evaluate the impact of risk factors on human health, and to evaluate the effectiveness of treatments, OR is an observational studies technique wherein information is accrued for the same subjects again and again over a time frame? Longitudinal studies projects can make bigger over years or even many years. In a longitudinal cohort examine, the identical people are found over the take a look at period. Definition Refers to a research wherein participant outcomes and possible remedies or exposures are accumulated at a couple of complying with-up instances. OR repeated measurements of the identical individuals over a time span long enough to encompass a detectable change of their…show more content…
Incident events are recorded. 2. Prospective ascertainment of exposure. 3. Measurement of individual change in outcomes. 4. Separation of time effects: Cohort, Period, Age. 5. Control for cohort effects. 6- They are generally observational in nature, with quantitative and/or qualitative data being collected on any combination of exposures and outcomes. Disadvantages of longitudinal studies 1- It is expensive to collect longitudinal data, in terms of money, time and energy 2- it needs more complex and unfamiliar statistical procedures to analyze the collected data; and, so few computer software are available to do the job properly 3- the problem of access to longitudinal information because of questions of privacy and confidentiality. 4- Problem of Attrition 5- They require a large sample size. 6- Measurement Error Important limitation that can complicate the analysis of longitudinal 1- Socio-psycho-dynamism. 2- Causal Relationships. 3- Measurement Error. 4- Changes in Conducting Surveys. 5- Problem of Attrition (Participant follow-up ). 6- Panel
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