Disadvantages And Disadvantages Of Print Media And Printed Media

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Introduction The term "media" is already familiar to our ears, and every almost every timewe are dealing with something that's called media. But, what exactly is the media? Understanding media can refer to at least two things : communication and computing. Media are all forms and channels used to convey information ora message. According to Saiful Bahri Djamarah : Media is a tool that can be used as a channel to reach the target message. While Miarso said that media is anything that can be used to transmit message that can stimulate the mind, feelings, concern and willingness of students to learn. There are two types of media that people often use which is printed media and electronic media. Definition of Printed Media Printed media…show more content…
For print media, mostly perishable, easily torn and damaged, spelling errors cannot be edited andmodified as permanent, some are large and difficult to carry, requires the cost toget it, and sales are limited. While for electronic media, in the provision of newson electronic media can not to repeat what has been delivered, sources from electronic media mostly not reliable and not authentic, sometimes the reference not accurate and become information overload to some person and only can be used with electric able only. Comparison After the advent of printing nearly six centuries ago, the printed media was the only form of mass communication. Then came electronic medium. Though both print and electronic media deal with mass communication, there arecertain basic comparison. Literacy is basic requirements for printed media, only a literate person can read it. While, electronic media even illiterate person can watch news and understand the content through screen even cannot be read. Language in printed media more structured, tidy, flowery and reader-friendly but language used in electronic media is spoken and more viewer-friendly. In printedmedia readers have choice to go back, recheck and repeatable what they have read, different for electronic media that viewers cannot go back and recheck what they seen. Frequent update of news is not possible for media printed and not for electronic media that even minute to minute is possible to update for
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