Disadvantages And Disadvantages Of RFID And Radio Recognition Faced Access Control System

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1Kenward Dzvifu, 2T Chakavarika Department of Information Security & Assurance, Harare Institute of Technology, Zimbabwe
School of Information Science and Technology, Harare Institute of Technology, Zimbabwe

ABSTRACT— The Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology has been broadly adopted in access control systems. This technology is based on the use of a card or tag and has some major drawback or weaknesses that is anyone could get access when he or she steals the card. In this particular paper, the RFID technology is combined or integrated with facial recognition (biometric) technology to make sure that the granted access matches the user ID on the
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The RFID technology consists of three key elements: RFID tags, RFID readers, and a back-end database server to identify information. The RFID tag stores its particular ID and some application data for RFID readers thus the tag contains electronically stored information which is used for access control system. The major advantage of using the RFID tag is that it allows convenience contactless access. However, the traditional RFID-based access control system identifies an individual only by means of his or her RFID card that is anyone who presents a registered RFID card will pass the authentication even he/she is not the genuine card holder or owner. Moreover, there are many RFID attacks which are:
• Sniffing - this is reading data from a RFID chips without being given a permission;
• Spoofing - this is the cloning of information from one chip to another
• Tracking - this involves the tracking of goods or services without acknowledging the owner.
• Denial of Service - this involves the jamming of RFID signals to block its normal
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