Disadvantages And Disadvantages Of Solid Waste Incineration

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University of Sharjah
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Solid Waste Incinerators May 23, 2016
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Instructor: Mohamed Abdallah
This research paper will discuss and will review the solid waste and its management detention also it will define the Incineration method and will discuss the types of Incinerators the technology and the advantages and dis advantages of this method which is considered an important method in the combustion process

2.1 Solid waste and management
Solid waste was a problem even before air and water pollution issues attracted the notice of human civilization, problem related with solid waste are due to the invention of new
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* Minimum of the lands are need compare with the dimensions of the waste disposal places.

* The mass of waste is reduced up to 85% of the initial value of the waste.

* The volume of the waste is reduced to 10% of the initial value of the waste.

* The gas produce by flue contain heavy metals with harmful substances followed the incineration process so it is cleaned and become friendly form to the environment but , If the waste dumped in the untreated form will pollute underground water also poisoned the environment.

* the Incineration plants located close to the residential areas , this is the centres of production of the waste so this help to reduce traffic , pollution , noise and also the costs of the transportation.

* All waste disposal decompose organic materials into other simple carbon molecules like (carbon dioxide) and also to (methane).

* also this system contains sanitization process to destruct any harmful
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