Disadvantages And Disadvantages Of Working Online

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What is Working Online? Jesaffi (2015) says that, working online is working through the media of the internet as an intermediary between us with network client or people in need of our services. In fact, online work almost the same work in the real world, which distinguish about space and time. If working outdoors, we should set off in the morning and return in the evening, but working online can be done anywhere, especially at home, as long as they have an internet connection. Working from home already a distinctive trend in this era of technology nowadays. In fact, there are many enterprise require employees who do not have to come to the office normally. The sophistication of technology at this age is possible can be done online, easily,…show more content…
These will be discussed in the next paragraph. To begin with isolation or lack of social interaction, working in an office, you become accustomed to the day to day chat with co-workers, work related discussions and team brainstorming sessions. This is very different compared to working by yourself at home which can be quite isolated once you are removed from such a social environment. Difficulty in separating home from work, when you’re working in the same place you are living it can be very difficult to separate home life from work life. In this respect, it is important to set up a dedicated area of your house that becomes your ‘working zone’ and use the rest of the house for relaxing, eating, family etc. Without these guidelines in place you can often find that work never stops which can be detrimental to your family…show more content…
This is especially the case if you are in the house with family members or even pets as interruptions can be very frequent and time consuming. Furthermore there is a need for high self-discipline and motivation. Working from home is a real test of strong will and determination. With no managers keeping an eye on you and no team members looking up to you, you can essentially do what you want with your time. It is far too easy to turn on the radio, television or even a games console just to break silence which can greatly reduce the quantity and quality of your
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