Disadvantages Of A Culturally Diverse Class

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Diversity is a description of similarities and differences between people according to races, ethnicity, and sexual orientation among others. A culturally diverse class involves students of different diversities. Students and teachers in such setups will have to learn and adapt to different diverse behaviors and cultural beliefs. A class in Stevenson High School (USA), for example, could comprise of African, Asian, and white students being taught by an Indian teacher. In such a class, the teacher will have to understand the different cultural behaviors of the students. Students, on the other hand, will have to make an effort to understand one another to ease communication and interaction within the class. In culturally diverse classes, lessons learned to extend beyond class teachings; however, a few shortcomings are noted.
A culturally diverse class helps eradicate prejudice and racism. Students of different races are brought together hence from the interaction; they are likely to have a positive perspective on racism. This happens in that they will make friends with each other as well as share noble ideas. The students will also be eager to understand the different languages talked by their colleagues hence. An American student could wish to be taught how to speak French by a French student and vice versa. An African student could offer to teach the entire class weaving is done among other intercultural interactions. From such activities, it brings harmony between the different races. The way students look at each other changes in such an environments. This is because they are being placed in a particular similar level, for example, having to use similar facilities in class, eating similar meals among others. This will make students see each other as equal hence treating each other equally. “Multicultural education helps eradicate racism, builds interaction between cultures, enhances tolerance between two groups, and eradicates cultural barriers.” (Daniel, 2011).
A culturally diverse class helps students better their understandings of global strengths and weaknesses. This world is heading to being a global village. Therefore, it is of great importance for each one in the society to have a great understanding
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